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Can you awaken kundalini through jhana only?

It seems like there are a lot of people getting kundalini experiences while in the A&P from vipassana practice. Do you know anyone who has gotten kundalini stuff from doing jhana oriented practice only? By kundalni stuff I mean energu rushing through the spine and things like that.

RE: Can you awaken kundalini through jhana only?
11/4/14 6:48 AM as a reply to Pål.
sure.  kundalini is itself of hindu sanskrit origin and predates buddhism.  here we call it the A&P, the christian mystics went through it as the ecstasy of christ etc.

since vipassana was a particularly buddhist emphasis / rafination on meditation and since we use that particular emphasis here in the theravadan maps is no reason to claim a kind of exclusivity to the state and its properties..not that that is what YOU are doing.

IMO the distinctions between the jhana model and the stages of insight model are not as rigidly exclusive as our analytical minds would prefer to have it.  jhanas can be very shallow or very deep for example and when one is on the more shallow end of the jhanic pool tending toward observation or vipassana is not a big leap.

there are lots of people out there who have hit the A&P (Kundalini Awakening) who have never heard the word vipassana.


RE: Can you awaken kundalini through jhana only?
11/4/14 12:34 PM as a reply to tom moylan.
From what I've read, christian monastics seem to do jhana-like practice so I guess it helps. How much more effective for getting kundalini awakening (is it always the same thing as A&P?) do you think vipassana is compared to jhana oriented practice and yoga? I thought vipassana must be pretty effective for kundalini awakening since every diary from mahasi retreats I've read mentions energy rushing upwards+ecstasy. 
And to the sutta geeks, although maybe I should do another thread about this: Why do you think the buddha never mentions the stages of ibsight in the suttas? Or does he?