The Asian Hook-up

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The Asian Hook-up

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Hey Yall,

So I'm planning on heading to Asia next summer for about a year or so. I'm saving up money at the moment and my plan is to get some serious retreat time in (possibly Panditarama Lumbini, etc), but I'd also like to spend some time just living abroad. My ideal scenario is to find a 'home base' at a monastery and perhaps volunteer in return for a cheap place to stay... but I'd also like the freedom to go out and about, especially if it's in a cool city or town...  Anyone know of any possibilities? (I did read that you can volunteer at Panditarama btw)

If you've ever heard of any other cool, short-term occupations out there (aside from TEFL), it'd be great to hear about those as well. I've been looking for research opportunities (anything biology or psychology), but have been unsuccessful so far...