Yoga's forgotten foundation

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Yoga's forgotten foundation

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I don't know if anyone is interested but I'm posting this here anyway. Feel free to comment.

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Yoga's forgotten foundation

If we wish to attain real spiritual understanding through our efforts, we have
to have the basics down. If the basics are not clearly understood,
there is not much hope for development, no matter how hard we strive
in our practice. Probably most books and classics on yoga, despite of
the tradition, emphasize ethics. Non-violence and truthfulness in
action, speech and thought pop up to my mind first when thinking
about the moral and ethical foundation of yoga. Most practitioners
are aware of this. We all have read and heard this many times.
However, it seems to me that even though the theory of this ground is
not difficult to comprehend, the application is fuzzy, at times
extremely fuzzy. And here's why.

The spiritual scene is not unlike any other scene. Where there are
people, there is also human behaviour and that can get nasty. You
know, envy, grudge, gossip, bad-mouthing, backstabbing and so on. It
really does get ugly at times. If you have been around for a while,
you probably have heard or witnessed this taking place, more or less,
in every spiritual community. I don't think there are any exceptions
to it. If you think that this doesn't take place in your sangha
at all, you're probably denying it. If you think this doesn't take
place in your own mind, not even the least bit, you're probably
denying it again. Take a look again.

It is a fact that we do completely stoopid, idiotic and selfish things. That
is history of the mankind, right there. We hurt ourselves and others
like it's something we
should be doing. And we keep doing it until we get sick, until we can do it
no more, until we loose track, until we loose our health, until we
loose our humanity or until we loose our lives.

The scale of human awareness is so vast, extending from extremely gross and
beastly mental and emotional realms all the way up Pure Lands of
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Based on our former actions, we gravitate
towards that or those levels of awareness that we are mostly used to.
Level of awareness, in dualistic vs. non-dualistic sense, in turn
reflects to the quality of our thoughts and emotions. If you have
engaged in hurting, killing, abusing or in any other kind of grossly
selfish action, it is quite likely that you keep repeating the same
record again and again... But, gross actions have as gross
consequences. Committing bad actions has the result of making one
feel bad. Yet, there seems to be some sort of a limit to what the
bodymind can handle.

There is no such being who can go on forever doing only bad things. This is
because the very core of us is that of equanimity, harmony, trust and
sharing, not that of chaos, confusion and selfishness. And it is not
possible to change that. You know, at the end of the day spent wiping
out civilications and creating havoc even Darth Vader cannot help
feeling bad about it! I have met, taught and known persons with such
extremely selfish histories that it would make most people nauseous.
However, in the end, when they have been done with all of that
self-based egocentrical stuff, they cannot help hearing what their
heart tells them. This soundless ageless song of heart, bursting from
within them, is so compelling that it is only a matter of time when
it is heard and received. And it brings transformation with it. In
one way or the other, one consciously and subconsciously, starts
looking a way out of this misery and existential unfulfillment. One
starts seeking the finite solution. One starts seeking salvation,
deliverance, God, guru, dharma... And those who seek, shall find. For

As the grooves in our old record are so deeply engraved, we inevitably
think, talk and act blindly, even if we have come across or have
engaged in some dharma practice even for a good period of time. This
is what this text is about.

Us who have had the immeasurably fortunate opportunity to meet, learn and engage
in yoga dharma, we still sometimes can not help committing in
very violent and ignorant actions, whether in physical action, spoken
word or in our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we simply talk shit
and pig out in hellish emotions before either the habit momentarily
stops or we somehow, probably due to spiritual cultivation, snap out
of it. That is just an old record playing. It happens. If you deny
that this never has or never will happen in your mind, you're
probably not even aware of it to begin with. It is on our own
responsibility what we do or don't do about it. Karma is real, you
know. What you sow, so shall you reap. Therefore, sow such seeds that
will grow into existentially nourishing and truly satisfying fruits.

So what to do? How to put an end to this beastly ego? This is what I have done
in regards to ethics, along with many years of dedicated effort of
tantric meditation and Guru Yoga, in the direct guidance of real
spiritual masters.

  • Always, always, always, ask only for the truth which is not a fixed thing.
    No matter if it will kill, torture or rain thunder on you, always be
    willing to accept the possibility that you have done mistakes
    because of selfish habits grooved onto your mind. Mistakes can only
    be undone after you have admitted them. There is absolutely no way
    to not admit mistakes and still be able to attain deeper
    understanding. It is actually striking how often people think that
    way! Be reasonable. Take responsibility of your actions, speech and
    thoughts. This is the
    only way to set the course towards the true spiritual, psychological and
    existential understanding.

Making the declaration of wanting only the truth, rain or shine, your mind will
automatically start functioning in a non-violent and sincere way and
hence according to the ageless ethical teachings of the spiritual
masters. Stick to it! Abide to it and
never ever take it lightly, not even
for a split second. If you don't take this seriously and start
bending the ethics according to the whims of your mind, you end up
suffering. Simple as that.

I do not think morals and ethics should be followed as dogmatic rules because
it leads to fundamentalism. Rather they should be studied and applied
accordingly. What is even better is to study truthfulness, honesty,
purity, harmony, loving-kindness, friendship, sharing and
non-violence in meditation. It is better because it is in the silence
of the blabbering mind, when you can recognize these ethical
guidelines being the core of yourself that is without a self or ā€Iā€.
It is because of this that I often say that non-dual awareness, the
love, life and peace that we truly are and everything is, is
precisely the same as the ageless moral and ethical guidelines.

This is why the gurus and masters who have succesfully become embodiments of
non-dualistic wisdom, have taught them as the foundation of yoga and
all spirituality. As they have attained this, we also can. Right here
in this body and mind! Ho!

With a bow,

- Baba,