Cognitive Bias Modification Training

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Cognitive Bias Modification Training

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Yesterday I watched a documentary about how to live a less stressful life and I wanted to share this with you.
The presentator goes through two mindtraining programs: mindfulness and CBM (Cognitive Bias Modification).
Well mindfulness we all know emoticon, but I didn't knew what CBM was.
Before the CBM the presentator is a pessimist and during a test he sees the angry faces much quicker then the happy faces.
After the CBM training the presentator shows a much quicker respons towards the happy faces and  a slower responds towards the angry faces.
So his brains learned to pay much more attention towards the positief things rather then towards the negative things.

You can watch the documentairy here:

I got a few apps from the play store where you can do the CBM training. I started yesterday with the CBM training and I have to say, I really like it and I notice a positive differents, but I want to do this for a longer period and then watch the differents.