Where will my mindfulness practice lead?

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Where will my mindfulness practice lead?

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I am wondering if experienced meditators could comment on my style of practice (see below)....

Do you think it will eventually result in enlightenment?
Will it lead to other benefits, or, are there any potential negative consequences you can see?

Here is a description of my style of practice:
As often as I can remember I direct my attention to whatever sensation seems to be happening right now. I seem to mostly notice mental sensations. My practice has a subjective feel to it that is hard to describe, but I will try: it is almost as if it is wrapped up and intermingled with thinking, like walking a tightrope between thought and awareness of thought. Sometimes I describe my experience of practice as "breaking everything down".... except that I am not trying to break things down... I simply notice things and then they tend to disapear. I often try to "go deeper" with my attention: what I mean by this is that I will start by noticing a body sensation, and then notice a mental sensation, and then notice the fact that I am being mindfull, and then notice the sense of an observer, and that is generally as far as I get.

That is it, I mostly do not do formal sitting or any other type of practice.

Here is some relevant background information:
I practice the above form of mindfulness because it comes totally naturally to me. It is effortless for me and I get better at it over time. I have tried many other methods of meditation, but after struggling for a long time to make them "stick" ( My mind has a strong aversion to anything percieved as mental effort) I realized that I already had a stable practice (daily mindfulness, which I had been doing for a long time) and so why not just devote myself to it instead of fighting with myself all the time. I have noticed that the benefits of this mindfulness practice are less dramatic than the benefits I noticed when meditating more formally, but I am hoping it will take me to the same place in the end. I crossed the arrising and passing away about 2.5 years ago, for almost a year after that was the period where I got into meditation and tried all sorts of different practices. I have been practicing the practice described above for about 2 years. I have developed it to the point where I remember to practice it many times each day. I have no idea where I am on the progress of insight right now.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know what you think,