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Lost in a pleasant haze
1/14/15 12:51 AM
As detailed in these two threads I think I may have crossed to early A&P

Today I sat down and after a couple of breaths I was in access concentration or so I think at least
At no point was the intense piti/sukkha indicating I would have transitioned into 1st jhana

I just seem lost in this pleasant haze or cloud and it's really hard to discern anything. I mean there is no tension and and no agitation of the mind or body, but sesations seem subtle and I can't seem to make progress.

In a way it's nice that there are no tensions that use do accompany me for a long period of time, but I guess sitting like this is not too productive either.

I've been doing anapanasati meditatoin with good results recently, but right now it isn't working very well.

I guess I should persist, but this is definately a new situation for me and don't quite know how to handle it yet.
In the past weeks it has been really easy for me to get into 1st and 2nd jhana, but now piti and sukkha don't arise. (or then they are subtle and I was already in jhana after just a few breaths.)

RE: Lost in a pleasant haze
1/14/15 2:15 AM as a reply to mikko.

RE: Lost in a pleasant haze
1/14/15 10:17 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
There just wasn't anything that I would associate with an A&P event in last few days. Nothing like the world exploding at least.
But as I mentioned in the other thread it's possible I may have had the event already couple years back.

I guess I just have keep practising and eventually we'll see.

RE: Lost in a pleasant haze
1/18/15 7:12 AM as a reply to mikko.
Now I'm able to attain jhana once more, but mode of attention seems to have changed more "permanently" in that it is still kind "soft". No sign of next knowledges like "Fear" at this point.

RE: Lost in a pleasant haze
1/25/15 7:30 AM as a reply to mikko.
I'm starting to think now this had (almost) nothing to do with nanas. I believe it was a case where I had masturbated few times after a period of abstinence and my concentration allowed me the experience related phenomena with higher precision. Although it may also have been a case where the neurochemical stimulation boosted me temporarily to A&P territory. The description of A&P in MCTB seemed deceptively similar at least.

There were a few thing though that I have not experienced before like being able to perceive subtle inner talk as clear as day. Previously with less concentration ability I've been able to perceive the "gross" inner talk and then subtle back ground processing almost like syllables without quite being able to make out what it was, but now it was as clear as day and I was able to let go of it and conciousness felt very pure and luminous after that. I'm not saying that's the "luminous" as described in the suttas, but it seems like a very good adjective to describe what I was experiencing.

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