Panditarama Two Month Rains Retreat Too Tough?

Kai X, modified 6 Years ago.

Panditarama Two Month Rains Retreat Too Tough?

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Hello, I've done several Retreats including a one month Retreat at a Panditarama center which I liked very much.

My quandry is that I like having my own hut/room. I don't want to sound lazy, but I enjoy being able to chill out and say take a nap after lunch or do some light stretching during the day. Especially during the first few days when I there's often a sleep deficit.  I think I'm a serious meditator but often I may not sit for the full hour or walk for the full hour. 

From what I see, the two months Rains Retreat in Burma is 3AM-9PM and yogis do their sitting and walking in the Main Dharma Hall which is well away from their sleeping area. I'm concerned because I'm older, I often will use a chair for meditation, I regularly may miss a session at Retreats or cut a session short, and this Retreat doesn't sound conducive to my previous laid-back schedule of practice. 

How hard-core is it? Do you think I would probably be better off skipping it and going to other centers?