Practice related questions

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Practice related questions

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I have been meditating following dzogchen instruction in books written by Namkhai Norbu (mainly Introduction the practice of contemplation). In my practice, I am pretty much at the stage of trekcho. I had a few questions regarding my practice.

1, Any good books for togal instructions? Or anybody here has experience with Togal?

2, Has anybody done "awareness of awareness" kind of meditation. This is where my meditation is heading right now (without togal instructions). The end result feels like boundless awareness, but without absorption.

3, Since I am stuck here right now, I have tried hard with attaining jhana for the last month, but still havent suceeded. How to find piti? There is a lot of peace/serenity in me during and outside practice, but not something prominent that I could "attend to".

4, How would anybody compare Dzogchen practice to 16 stages of insight?