Alternative to MBMC in SE Asia?

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Alternative to MBMC in SE Asia?

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(I posted a little bit here before but somehow forgot my account password, so this one's new).

I see from the other thread ( that the MBMC is no longer widely recommended. Daniel recommended a centre in Nepal as an alternative, which also isn't a possibility right now.

At the moment I'm travelling through Thailand so I'd like to know if there's any good vipasanna centres in the SE Asia region. 
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RE: Alternative to MBMC in SE Asia?

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See my (second) thread links in this post
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RE: Alternative to MBMC in SE Asia?

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Hi Isaac

Actually the Panditarama centre in Nepal is just fine right now. Because it's far in the south of the country very close to the Indian border. You can reach it without going anywhere near Kathmandu and the damaged areas, but crossing over from India. It's all on their website. You can fly to any major Indian city, take a train to the major train hub at the border crossing (Gorakhpur?), and then with a short bus ride you can be there. I think you can get a Nepal visa at the border, although you should check that. The thing is, this route is widely recommended as the best way to get there anyway, so it's not like it's recommended only because of the earthquake damage up-country.

I emailed them after the earthquake and they said the centre was fine, no damage, and business as usual. Also, if you think about the poor folks of Nepal, this is not the time for everyone to abandon thoughts of going there. They need the tourism spending more than ever. Your dollars there, even a few, will make a bigger difference than at other times.

You can read more in another thread here in the Retreat Centre forum called Panditarama Incommunicado. 

Otherwise MBMC didn't seem to be all bad in the other thread. Just some teacher changes going on there. And the neighbourhood noise has been discussed in reviews for years, so I expect that hasn't changed. 

Whatever you decide, all the best!

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RE: Alternative to MBMC in SE Asia?

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Hi all,

I am also planning a retreat in SE Asia. I have contacted MBMC and they recommended the centers below as alternatives in Malaysia. Is anybody familiar with these centers and/or teachers? Any reviews would be appreciated.
  • Lunas Buddhist Hermitage -- Sayadaw U Pannasara
  • Nirodharama Meditation Centre -- Sayadaw U Nandasiddhi