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Pure Awareness
5/4/15 12:52 PM
Hi! I'd like to ask if you guys know what it is. It happend over 15 years ago. I was about to go to sleep and decided to do an exercise I'd read about. I visualized a white ball (the size of tennis ball) about 4 inches away from my forehead. I kept the visualization going while I was falling asleep. Then something really interesting happened. I was completely aware of everything, but there was no I at all. If a car passed by, there was just the sound of it and nothing else. I didn't know it was a car at the moment or that it was a sound. It was just "it", but I remembered everything clearly when I woke up. And when I did wake up, I wasn't sleepy at all. If I could sum up the experience, I would say it was a voidness from which things sprang from and went back to. When nothing was there, it was completely still, almost unaware.

Do you high level practitioners hit something similar when meditating? I was never able to do it again.