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Mother / root chakra question
5/26/15 10:14 AM
Hi I’m 35 and don’t live with my mother for 17 years but most of the time I visit my mother I get a strange feeling in my root chakra.
It’s a heavy feeling and it’s kind of irritating, sometimes I feel a slight tinkle in my scrotum (i have to tell it like it is).
I don’t have a specifically problematic relation with my mother, I would just say “ok good”. No particular trauma’s or otherwise significant feelings/issue’s (…).  All I know is that it is there almost every time and it freaks me a bit, it used to unnerve me and sometimes it kinda gives me a “suffocating” feeling, like something is perpetrating my personal space.
I mean I’m not really an energetic guru, psychologist (…). For all I know is just a psychosomatic reaction to…my mother. All I know is that I have this with nobody else nor anything vaguely similar. I’m open to all your imput regarding this strange thing that has me wondering for a while now.