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Tantric bibliography and other resources

Lately I find myself attracted to rare, obscure, esoteric teachings. While that lasts I want to share some of the most comprehensive resources I've found, minding that Tantra is notoriously hard to break into, make sense of, etc. I've just begun working on that myself.

One should note that these resources are unlikely to be practically useful without initiation/consecration. They're damn fun to read tho

Bibliography - Issues in Esoteric Buddhism by Christian Wedemeyer
Bibliography - Mike Magee (Indian Tantra)

Dr. Alexander Berzin's Buddhist Tantra lessons

Library of Tibetan Classics

Rigpa Wiki - Encyclopedia of Tibetan Buddhism

Vajrayana Research Resource

Vajracaka - Forum for Traditional Vajrayana

Tibetan Buddhism subforum of Dharma Wheel

and, everyone's favorite,

Trippy Tibetan Art

Berzin's lessons are the most immediately practical and accessible here.

Feel free to post whatever Tantric resources you have. I'll be adding to this liberally as long as I'm interested

RE: Tantric bibliography and other resources
5/28/15 11:34 PM as a reply to Dada Kind.
I resoluted earlier today, even writing it in my phone, I would start to foray deeper into Tantric teachings in the midterm and this is what I find! Thanks

RE: Tantric bibliography and other resources
5/28/15 11:54 PM as a reply to Ryan J.
Hi again Droll Dedekind; Now i understand your post around datura; it is indeed the choosen sacred plant for brujeria in South America;
People over there forbid children to sleep under it, even adults don't because there is something specially horrific to dream and fall under the spell of the intoxication (via the pollen in the air. .. google "scopolamine" and see how it is used in modern society by criminals to rob absolutely  everything from willing people .. it takes them a blow in your face and a few seconds and you are under their charm.. extremly high suggestibility is one of its main effects )

Also traditionnaly used by "dark shamans" (brujeros) in ceremonies to attack other shamans , they call that throwing magical "psychic" darts. 

RE: Tantric bibliography and other resources
5/30/15 3:06 PM as a reply to Ryan J.
Glad to help!

I added Vajrayana Research Resource last night.