RE: Sitting Meditation (Awareness of position of legs)

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RE: Sitting Meditation (Awareness of position of legs)

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mmmm I don't know about this.

There's a difference between 
- having kinesthesia of the legs
-the legs not going numb

During my 10 day Goenke thing, focussing intently on the bodily sensations, 
I slowly slowly realised that a huge amount of what I thought was the bodily sensation was actually lots of visualisation sensation going on
And I was slowly slowly then able to separate the bodily sensation from the visualisation - it felt like slicing them off each other with a scalpel
And so I could just keep the purer bodily sensations
But then slowly slowly I realised my bodily sensations were still not pure, they were diluted with all of this kinesthesia sense
that is, there's the raw pure sensation itself
and then, attached onto it is the sense of where it is in space
again, whup out the scalpel, get rid of that baby...

...and after this I could have highly focussed sensation from all parts of the body, energy flowing smoothly etc
but often had no idea/couldn't remember what position the body was in.  

Anyone else have this experience?