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6/2/15 11:15 PM
Over the years, I've made a substantial number of posts and because of some recent occurences, I would like to know what you think of my posts? I say what I think and say politically incorrect things as well. If no one finds my posts useful here, then I would rather not post here. So please let me know if you have found anything of use or not.

RE: Feedback
6/3/15 8:38 AM as a reply to Change A..
I find your posts very useful in general and a nice counterpoint to much of the mainstream thinking on the DhO. My impression has generally been that you are thoughtful and considerate in your interactions. The recent exception (as I saw it) I chalk up to human nature being, generally, a universal constant.

Since you are asking for feedback it appeared to me in that case that you got stuck on something so powerfully that you started to attribute bad faith to other conversants and that is a conversation killer (because if you believe that others aren't being sincere, than indeed, what's the point?). But I don't take my own impression of the matter as absolute truth.

And furthermore even though I feel my assessment of your behavior on that thread is pretty accurate it doesn't change my overall impression of you as a helpful sincere contributor with a valuable perspective and a solid practice. Generally when you post I have the thought 'huh, I wish Change A would post more often'. Regardless of whether I agree with what you are posting or not.