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Dealing with the Dark Night

Confused and embarrassed?

Confused and embarrassed?
6/16/15 4:29 PM
Umm... I don't know shit about the dark night. I've heard people mention it. I've always labeled it as "Whatever." Been studying Buddhism for 18 years. 2 years ago I started getting pretty hardcore. Anyway...

I woke up in the middle of last night and realized that I know myself now. Back to sleep. Wake up! I feel great! That person in me I've created is actually... just fucking me! Who knew!? So I started feeling kinda weird... Like Me and this person, Trick, were merging into one concious... vibration?!?!? I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about...

So, fine, it's weird but... back to awesome! Yes! I'm Trick! I'm put back together! That third person construct had all the fun. Let's go FB in front of the whole world that you've found yourself! ...and that you're clinically nuts? At the end of the post I was wrinting I realized something bad might be happing... I even wrote... Did I just come out of a dark night? Or enter one?" Hit post and decided I better find out what it is if I'm going to start asking questions. I find some chick basically describing my entire morning verbatum! Same realizations, thoughts, feeleings... I'm like WTF? What is going on?

Read more stuff, got confused and decided to come here and ask one fucking question... If I just chill out... listen to music, do the things I love to do, be a positive person... Just keep being me... whatever is about to kick in, it will pass? It will just pass on it's own. Just hold on... let it do it's thing... And I'll be fine. Right?