Alternative Progress of Insight Translations

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Alternative Progress of Insight Translations

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(Maha Thera Nyanatiloka. Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines)      
Knowledge of contemplation of rise and fall (udayabbayanupassana-nana)
Knowledge of contemplation of dissolution (bhanganupassana-nana)
Knowledge of appearance as terror (bhayatupatthana-nana)
Knowledge of contemplation of danger (adinavanupassana-nana)
Knowledge of contemplation of dispassion (nibbidanupassana-nana)
Knowledge of desire for deliverance (muncitukamyata-nana)
Knowledge of contemplation of reflection (patisankhanupassana-nana)
Knowledge of equanimity about formations (sankharupekka-nana)
Conformity knowledge (anuloma-nana)

Practical Insight Meditation by Mahasi Sayadaw (trans. by Nyanaponika Thera)

Analytical Knowledge of Body and Mind (nama-rupa-pariccheda-ñana)
Knowledge by Discerning Conditionality (paccaya-pariggaha-ñana)
Knowledge by Comprehension (sammasana-ñana)
Knowledge of Arising and Passing Away (udayabbaya-ñana)

Knowledge of Dissolution (bhanga-ñana)
Awareness of Fearfulness (bhayatupatthana-ñana)
Knowledge of Misery (adinava-ñana)
Knowledge of Disgust (nibbida-ñana)
Knowledge of Desire for Deliverance (muncitu-kamyata-ñana)
Knowledge of Re-observation (patisankhanupassana-ñana)
Knowledge of Equanimity about Formations (sankhar'upekkha-ñana)
Insight Leading to emergence (vutthanagamini-vipassana-ñana)
Knowledge of Adaptation (anuloma-ñana)
Maturity Knowledge (gotrabhu-ñana)
Path Knowledge (magga-ñana)
Fruition Knowledge (phala-ñana)
Knowledge of Reviewing (paccavekkhana-ñana)
Attainment of Fruition (phalasamapatti)

Visuddhimagga trans. by Nanamoli

Knowledge of rise and fall
Knowledge of dissolution
Knowledge of appearance as terror

Knowledge of danger
Knowledge of dispassion
Knowledge of desire for deliverance
Knowledge of reflexion
Knowledge of equanimity about formations
Conformity knowledge

The original booklet was produced in 1961 by the Division of Vipassana Dhura at Mahadhatu Monastery, Bangkok, and translated by Helen and Vorasak Jandamit. A revised English version was reprinted in 1988. It is also presented, with commentary, in the book, Insight Meditation: Practical Steps to Ultimate Truth, by Achan Sobin S. Namto (Sopako Bodhi Bhikkhu). In a few places the text has been edited and augmented by the Vipassana Dhura staff. 

The Sixteen Stages of Vipassana Knowledge

Knowledge to distinguish mental and physical states (namarupa pariccheda nana).
Knowledge of the cause-and-effect relationship between mental and physical states (paccaya pariggaha nana).
Knowledge of mental and physical processes as impermanent, unsatisfactory and nonself (sammasana nana).
Knowledge of arising and passing away (udayabbaya nana).
Knowledge of the dissolution of formations (bhanga nana).
Knowledge of the fearful nature of mental and physical states (bhaya nana).
Knowledge of mental and physical states as unsatisfactory (adinava nana).
Knowledge of disenchantment (nibbida nana).
Knowledge of the desire to abandon the worldly state (muncitukamayata nana).
Knowledge which investigates the path to deliverance and instills a decision to practice further (patisankha nana).
Knowledge which regards mental and physical states with equanimity (sankharupekha nana).
Knowledge which conforms to the Four Noble Truths (anuloma nana).
Knowledge of deliverance from the worldly condition (gotrabhu nana).
Knowledge by which defilements are abandoned and are overcome by destruction (magga nana).
Knowledge which realizes the fruit of the path and has nibbana as object (phala nana).
Knowledge which reviews the defilements still remaining (paccavekkhana nana).

And from some online dictionaries,
Adinava -- Wretchedness, Disadvantage
Sammasana -- Comprehension, Exploring, Determining
Nibbida -- Disgust, Weariness, Aversion, Disenchantment
Bhanga -- Breaking Up, Breaking Off, Dissolution, Disruption
Bhaya -- Fear, Fright, Dread
Uddayabaya -- Appearance and destruction, rise and fall, increase and decrease, birth and death

Parichedda -- In a well-determined manner, quite accurate
Patisankha -- reflection, judgment, consideration

Collected these last night. With MCTB2 coming out, I figure it might be fruitful to put these out there. The obvious reason not to change -- that people have already gotten used to the MCTB1 translations, is the exact reason to change them, from my point of view. I would argue that all of the translations carried over from MCTB1 to 2 should be challenged, but for now this thread is about the progress of insight translations

Mind & Body vs. Discerning Mind & Body
Cause & Effect vs. Conditionality vs. Discerning Conditionality
3Cs vs. Comprehension of 3Cs vs. Exploring 3Cs vs. Determining 3Cs
Arising & Passing Away vs. Rise & Fall vs. Appearance & Destruction vs. Birth & Death
Dissolution vs. Disruption vs. Breaking Off vs. Breaking Up
Fear vs. Terror vs. Dread
Misery vs. Danger vs. Wretchedness vs. Disadvantage
Disgust vs. Disenchantment vs. Dispassion vs. Weariness vs. Aversion
Reobservation vs. Contemplation of Reflection vs. Reflection

Of course, I should mention that Daniel can opt to pick his own names altogether.

I don't know any Pali so I can't argue for any of these translations on that basis, but if anyone out there can, feel free to jump in.

If you like any alternatives or have found others feel free to post.