Unexplained experience

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Unexplained experience

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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and i'm searching for answers with a recent experience. I've been practising Vipassana and Samatha regularly these few days and in my latest practice, I felt that I was extremely in tune with my breath, and everything fell into place smoothly. This is when i shifted my awareness from my breath to the now(or emptiness) and slowly I lose all my bodily sensations, I felt that my body was so light as though i'm floating, and following on I start to lose awareness of my surroundings. Emptiness feeling arises and the only bodily sensation that I could feel was my heart pumping. My palms became extremely hot and sweaty. I tried to contain my fear and perservered, at this point a feeling of infinite space starts to set in, this is the point where I freaked out and stopped meditating. This is my first time experiencing something like this please advice.
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RE: Unexplained experience

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I would guess a&p, perhaps formless sub-aspect