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Dzogchen: Open Focus Training

Dzogchen: Open Focus Training
8/3/15 8:11 PM
This post is a branch off my other Practice Log (Dzogchen: Bon) to offer the possibility of discussing Les Fehmi's Open Focus training.

More information about the method, together with guided exercises can be found in his book - The Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body and in the Open Focus Practice Plan. The total cost of the full set of exercises is US$ 134.25 for mp3s and US$ 199.95 for CDs.

There's also a wealth of free material provided by Les and others online, however the book would probably provide all that's necessary.

I'll mention that subscribing to the email list will give you a free copy of the Long Form Open Focus exercise, although I find that the General Open Focus exercise (from the book) is vastly superior.

In the absence of any replies I'll probably just leave it here, as a few weeks of direct first-hand experience would trump anything that I could possibly write.

RE: Dzogchen: Open Focus Training
8/1/17 5:44 PM as a reply to Victor.
Hi Victor, 
I've been practicing Open Focus for a couple of years now. I initially went through the Open Focus practice plan. Now I do 10-30 minutes a day. Open Focus has been the only form of meditation (or in Les Fehmi's words, attention exercise) that has stuck for me. I love the state that it gives me. For me, after 20 minutes or so I consistently reach the state that took me 3 or 4 days to reach in Vipassana retreat.

I'm wondering how you integrate Open Focus in with other forms of sitting practice?