First PCE Rememoration & Experiencing Pure Intent

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First PCE Rememoration & Experiencing Pure Intent

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Alright so this is my first 'claim to attainment' within actualist practice.  I don't have a direct teacher to rely on this time around, thus the placing of myself on the chopping block.  I'm going to explain the vocab first, and the describe the experience.


note: I am doing my best here to back-translate some vocabulary innovated by Richard and his AFT comrades.  Please do not take these as authoritative definitions, but rather as pragmatic, working-adapting ones.

Here's an explanation of the thread title:  Basically, within actualism, PCE's are very rare to get as an adult.  They can't be induced through any type of meditative method (such as appreciating the trippy colors and shapes of reality or hyper-focusing on dependant origination), which would only produce an ASC that has automorphised itself to resemble a PCE.  Thats why remembering a PCE as a child is really important.  I finally did this!

Rememoration is a visceral-intuitive type of 're-entering' a memory (almost from inside of it) that is totally different from the normal, affective memory-finding in which one's current content is pasted over the version remembered.  When one properly rememorates a PCE from childhood, they have a chance at accessing Pure Intent which is how we humans experience the direct life-force of the physical universe without filters (or with affective filters yet somehow pure intent still finds its way through to help us along).


So a couple days ago I was musing on how damn important it is to remember a real, authentic PCE.  I was just trying to use normal memory, thinking that rememoration was above my paygrade.  Suddenly, I was *zonked* back into this childhood memory where I felt like I was physically there in that space.  The memory is of a 10-year-old Noah standing along a pebbled beach at low-tide in Acadia National Park with hundreds of multi-colored starfish dotting the beach.  There was a beautiful fog and the faintest bit of light from the sunrise in the distance.  At that moment, I felt totally alone with the eternal word in a way that was beyond peace.  

The reason I think it was rememoration is that I had tried to go back into that specific experience many times before but it hadn't had any strong effects.

Ever since that memory, I've felt this sense of confidence with my actualist practice.  I've probably cut down my mood swings by about 33%.  It feels so obvious that that way of being is so vastly preferable to the range of human experience that I am familiar with.  Just walking around outside, I can almost feel like dipping my toes back in that experience (which is impossible, of course, since there is a strict line between the affective sphere and the PCE- but it gives me hope nonetheless).

Like all claims, this one will be tried by the tests of time.  The only thing I am really 'claiming' is that I have reached a very early landmark along the actualist path.