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9/3/15 7:57 AM
I dont say this is 100% accurate but it does have many many valid points :

RE: Carnism
9/3/15 12:26 PM as a reply to water drop.
I don't know why, but watching this is touching me deeply now, even though I have looked at similar resources and even discussions here on the DhO in the past.

RE: I am beyond carnism already
9/7/15 10:57 AM as a reply to water drop.
I watched the talk.  In her thought experiment, when she said what happens if the meat balls were made of golden retriever, then what would you think.  My reaction was the same, it was just meat, it could have been people.

She showed a quote from Tolstoy that I wasn't familiar with, “As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields. “

I looked it up the quote and found some other interesting writings related Tolstoy and animals. Here is another one

“In order that life not be suffering but rather total joy one must always be kind to all, both people and animals. And in order to always be kind one must learn how. “