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Crowd-Funding: Film Project "The Dharma Bum"

I came across this crowd-funding project:

It´s a film about U Dhammaloka, an Irish drunkie who supposedly became the first western Buddhist monk:

You can donate here (info as well), it will be ending soon:


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RE: Crowd-Funding: Film Project "The Dharma Bum"
9/6/15 6:14 AM as a reply to S. Pro.
Hi there,

I am Ian, the director of this film.

An alert notified me of your post.

Many thanks for sharing S. Pro, very much appreciated sir.

Hi Gordo, I can assure you I am not exaggerating in the video.
The film deals with the life story of U Dhammaloka formerly Laurence Carroll who's existance was only discovered in 2009.

The name Dhammaloka which means Light of the Dhamma is a pretty common name in Buddhist circles and is unlikely the WA centre is named after this monk in particular. There is also a Dhammaloka centre in Florida USA and another in India. There are also several monks alive today with the ordained name of Dhammaloka.

Of course, I could be wrong! And like any curious filmmaker I would love to hear what you know! If you would care to discuss further you can email me through