Vibrations and no perception of body parts

Paul Smith, modified 6 Years ago.

Vibrations and no perception of body parts

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I had an interesting meditation session recently. I was able to observe my thoughts in their entirety -- start, middle and end. It felt almost like I was simultaneously scanning my body and thinking. Soon, I lost track of my arms from elbows to palms, I wasn't able to locate any perception belonging to that body part. The peak experience was strong vibrations felt in my upper body, it was so strange and new I didn't focus on it, because I was worried they will intensify and explode me to pieces. The whole session was very easy and pleasant. Focus was very good.

Was this A&P?

Later that day I started to feel pressure and heat in the center of my chest and in a point in my spine at the level of heart chakra. they activated while I was reading an article about opening chakras. I guess I applied the technique when reading.