Insight into no-self direct pointing vs Buddhism model

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Insight into no-self direct pointing vs Buddhism model

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So I've been meditating consistantly for about 4 years and probs got no higher than equanimity or dissolution. Based on the maps and models I've studied in MCTB and Daniel's website.

I'd been browsing a few sites on direct pointing and decided to read Gateless Gatecrashers as I was curious. At some point as I was reading and questioning where my sense of self was I had an insight into non-self, I saw that everything was happening by itself, sights, sounds, thoughts, feelings, sensations, there was no one that these things were actually happening to – after that I realised that I didn't actually have free will and there was no one in control of my life and life was just happening on it's own and it had always been that way.

At first as this was happening I began to be very afraid, as I contined to investigate the fear gave way to what I can only describe as a deep peace and happiness that lasted several hours and when I woke up in the morning nothing was really that different but I still couldn't point to a self.

Is this knowledge of mind and body? Or something different? How does seeing no self through direct pointing differ from the Theravada model of stream entry? 
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RE: Insight into no-self direct pointing vs Buddhism model

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its difficult to say what your experience was without a more detailed description and perhaps some background and context.  that said you could have dipped into a jhanic experience. 

mind and body is a "knowlege" or realization generally seen as one does vipassana.  it can be quick and overlooked but it is generally an understanding that there is a physical sensation and then the mental impression of that sensation which is distinc from it;  that these are seperate things that we have been mixing up due to inattention.

if you've been at this a while you've probably noticed this and perhaps not even acknowleged it as an insight.  its easy enough to test by focusing on a particular sensation exclusively and seeing if you can differentiate between the actual sensation and the though of it which arises quickly on its heels.