Intense spinning

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Intense spinning

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Hello ! emoticon

Last time I practiced, after abut 30 minutes I was observing a tension/pain sensation inside my head and all of a sudden I felt like things started spinning around myself, faster and faster. At that point I lost the sense of breath and I might have panicked, as i started to feel my jugular vein pulsing really stong and then I was breathing in pretty intensely ( I could hear the in breaths ) while the spinning kept going on, faster. This experience was followed by a feeling of lightness and then space seemed distorted around me ( I couldn't tell where my face was in relation to the rest of the body, but it felt like beying below the cest ).

That jugular pulsing thing also hapens off the cusion, when I play poker and I'm involved in a big hand ( mostly when I'm bluffing ) emoticon
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RE: Intense spinning

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...this whole meditation thing is one long tale of strange things happening.  some phases are more full of them than others.   without a little more descriptive depth, and perhaps a focused question...little help can come your way.

what are you up to?
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RE: Intense spinning

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I am trying to figure out where I am on the insight map. I have no idea where I'm at, feels like I could be anywhere from mind and body to equanimity.

Regarding this experience, I was hoping it was particular to a certain nana.

Also some advice on how to handle those panic acttacks / anxieties or whatever they are, would be helpul.

Sorry for not being explicit enough