Dharma friends in Germany

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Dharma friends in Germany

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Hi there, I'm quite  new to this site and was wondering if I could find out whether anybody else here was from Germany?? I live in Nürnberg and would love to connect to other meditators nearby. I had the impression that you guys mainly live in the states but if anybody lives here I would be more than  happy to meet you. 
I started meditating 2,5 years ago at a Goenka retreat and went there again a year ago. This forum, especially the MCTB,  has been a huge help so far,  so thank you all for being here!
Cheers, Neil 
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RE: Dharma friends

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howdy neil and welcome.
i'm living in zee vaterland near stuttgart.  there are a couple of others here in germany. to get a bit more exposure you might want to add "germany" to your post subject.

pm me for email and or tel.