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aeonbooks having a bad time?

aeonbooks having a bad time?
11/8/15 6:25 PM
Hi all,

I am having trouble with I sent this to 12 days ago but still no response:

I have tried as it is linked on your website but I
get a socket error from my email providers after many hours every time.
I just noticed seems to have "stolen" the domain from
you, please update your website to reflect this. I don't even know if
this email is going to get through this time *crosses fingers*.

I have tried maybe 2 weeks ago to add something to my basket and it
always changes to a screen saying it is empty. I tried allowing cookies,
disabling my ad blocker (ublock origin), using iceweasel and chromium on
debian as well as trying firefox and IE on windows 7. It always does the
thing. Is it a requirement to register first and if so why doesn't it
say so on the site?

So now today I try to go to the to try to register and see if that will allow me to add to the basket and I get a blank white screen with the word "Error" in the upper left corner. It seems like this company is having a bad time lately?

I would really like to order from them as I have a friend who lives in poverty and is waiting for the printed copy of the wonderful book MCTB.

RE: aeonbooks having a bad time?
11/12/15 8:19 AM as a reply to Akimbo Moss.
I see the error too.

RE: aeonbooks having a bad time?
11/13/15 5:48 PM as a reply to Akimbo Moss.
Holy crap they re-coded the site it looks so different. It's back up. Basket is working it seems. Didn't get any email about it yet maybe they are still holding their breath?