Big Thank You!!

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Big Thank You!!

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Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Daniel Ingram for his book MCTB plus Vince Horn from Buddhist Geeks for clear, direct, open, honest, practical, straightforward instructions and guidance to attaining 2nd Path. Also to DharmaOverground community for helping me sort out stuck points and unknowns.

I've not posted before but I can say spending a few months on concentration can really speed this gig up (BIG thanks to the Finders Course). From 0 to infinity in 31 days plus the background of first A&P 20 years ago and a first instant awakening a couple of years ago with non-dual teacher Sailor Bob Adamson, who I also have to thank, plus spent about 3 years failing Tibetan Tantra in early 2000's so BIG thanks to Geshe Tashi Tsering as well (not his fault I failed obviously).

Other useful resources include - Kenneth Folk 'Contemplative Fitness', Alohadharma, Dan's talk at Cheetahhouse, 'Right Concentration: A practical guide to the jhanas' plus good dharma buddies.

This is my first attempt at Theravada Insight practice and I can't recommend it enough.  This method works as Dan says if you simply follow the instructions.  I can also heartily recommend a guide/teacher and Vince is the BEST! Thanks Vince for pushing me over the precipice I was already looking at.

Currently in Review which is a whole other world and playing around with Jhana's. 

Will be posting and seeking answers to how best manage this part of the Insight Path. How long does this last????

All ideas welcome.
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RE: Big Thank You!!

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Congrats emoticon

Was there anything particular in your practice that you changed besides the concentration focus? Like some subtle hangup(s) that Vince pointed out that you didn't notice that made a worlds difference? Or simply just more concentration practice?
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RE: Big Thank You!!

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Hi The Poster

Thanks for the question.  During late Equanimity I got a bit hung up on one side of the equation ie. the emptiness bit.  Vince showed me how 'awareness' (empty nothing side) was inseparable from 'experience' (something side). In my meditation the whole thing just kept oscillating/vibration (still is).  I was too busy waiting for the emptiness blip out to notice it was already happening.  Vince just told me to let it oscillate . The final lesson of many, many, many, many, many times to STOP resisting and notice what is.

BTW its true, I did ask "Is that it!?".  It's so ordinary you laugh coz you've always been this (whatever it is).  I also couldn't believe I had forgotten something so freaking obvious and no doubt will do so again.  Hah hah.