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Metta Bhavana
11/18/15 2:34 PM
During my Metta Bhavana meditation i cured my deppression ,I felt metta yeah, but sometimes i feel uncomfortable wawes of anxiety,how could i handle it,and my body starts to sleep but my consciousness doesnt what does it mean,something special or nothing ?

RE: Metta Bhavana
11/19/15 2:33 AM as a reply to Mathew Poskus.
Hi Matthew!

I had anxiety a long time ago when meditating and my legs fell a sleep from sitting still. It was a one time thing. Is the anxiety percistant or only when you meditate?
If other parts of the body dissapers it sounds like the fourth jhana according Bhante Vimalarasis view of jhanas. Maybe its just fear of losing the body. Doug Krafts book Buddha's map is masterpiece on this way of lovingkindness meditation.