A Unique Tale of Awakening

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A Unique Tale of Awakening

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      I have an awakening story that is unique in several ways.  I haven't been candid about my experience, mostly because of the difficulty i have had with the ''dark night'' aspect of it.  It started over 5 years ago in 2010 with a kundalini/satori surge of enery spiraling through my body and head.  At the time i had no clue what had happened especially not having been exposed to meditative practices or formal teachings.  I had the ''cosmic-like consciousness'' and empty feeling of bliss and all that good stuff...yada, yada.  I had found years later that other people have had similar awakenings, as well as the dark part of the experience, which felt like a never ending psychedelic trip.  

    But there is one major area where it differs tremendously with other people's accounts.  My awakening occured in March around the spring equinox of 2010 and at the time i didn't think anything of it.  There wasn't anything negative to the experience until 6 months later when the same intensity came back but with a very dark quality to it.  This occured on the fall equinox of 2010 and has remained constant, but diminished, to this day.  During that second phase of the kundalini awakening i instinctively knew what was happening more or less.  The best way of explaining what had happened to me, was actually happening to the planet itself.  The constant energy around me was the energy of the earth's magnetic field or the zodiac.  At that time, i started seeing extreme changes in solar activity.  The sun would be many times brighter/dimmer and would appear in different colors in the spectrum.  The changes were terrifying as well as beautiful.  The earth changes are very predictable and occur every 28 to 29 days throughout the year averging about 13 changes every year with a new cycle beginning on the 21st of March.

    The awakening that i had also occurred to another member of my family.  Since the year of 2010, we have been sharing the same dreams every single night.  I don't want to get into details about them.  I could write a book just of the dreams themselves They do point to global events that will change everything about the way we are living.  We do feel that there are other people out there who are having this exact same awakening.  

   Although I haven't had stream entry or anything else yet,  since free will is illusory and all, i figure that it will happen or not happen eventually.  My main reason for coming out now is that i feel that there are others like me who have been, in one sense, barely clinging to existence.  The ''dark night'' is no joke.   Feel free to reply if this sounds familiar to anyone.