Does this sound like EQ?

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Does this sound like EQ?

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Hi all, 

In the past two weeks I've gotten into a lot of new territory very quickly and am trying to process it all. My current guess is that I've crossed the A&P and been cycling repeatedly between DN and EQ. The DN phases bear all the usual hallmarks. Here is where I currently am, which feels like EQ: 

Definite and very noticeable walking-around perceptual changes, including a noticably weaker identification with the ego as centered in the body. This seems to have lots of good effects when I'm out in the world (particularly socially), but when I dip into what feels like dark night territory I experience it as disconcerting. I'm also experiencing really intense (mostly cool but at times almost overwhelming) panoramic vision. 

One of the more pronounced things that I notice in this territory is a feeling of "pressure" or "energy" in the head. When I dip back into what feels like DN territory, sometimes I can call up what feels like a weak EQ by just intending towards that feeling of pressure in the head. 

These "EQ" phases certainly feel better than the acute DN phases, but there remains a lingering undercurrent of fear/sadness and, at times a disconcerting feeling of "disconnection" from the phenomenal world. 

At times I've thought that I must have already gotten SE based on the intensity of the perceptual changes, but I really haven't noticed any clear cessation events or any period of stable relief. At times I've hit really nice EQ type states in which things felt "resolved," but those have yet to stick around for very long (less than a day, usually). 

Does that sound like EQ? And if it is EQ, any tips for hitting SE so I can get this thing done and slow the ride down? 
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RE: Does this sound like EQ?

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yes it does.  :-|

widen, accept everything, enjoy with wonder, move toward subtlety. don't get hooked on the pleasant stuff look more deeply into the unsettling stuff.