seasonal rituals...

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seasonal rituals...

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New Year – time for the annual rituals of resolutions, and pedalling exercise programs, diet programs, and now "enlightenment" programs:

Meditation instruction(donationonly) Nick E Rose 1/27/16 10:35 PM
Holding the Mind Nick E Rose 1/28/1612:12 PM
Would you like to live life or avoid it? Nick E Rose 1/29/16 4:55 PM
Demand quality from your Guru
Kim Katami 1/29/16 3:26 PM (et alia)

and even testimonials:
2 weeks to awakening Pyro 1/30/16 1:14AM

: ladyfrog : (dharma marketplace1/29/16 7:26 PM) has suggested shuffling these off to a separate section of DhO. Better yet, off to some other place, i.e.YahooGroup, or blog / discussion group in these peoples' own websites. It's getting tiresome here under "discussion".

Not that something similar didn't take place here a year ago, culminating in that infamous thread Money and the Buddha  that launched here a year ago next Tuesday (Feb 3).