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The Middle Paths (2nd and 3rd)

Higher paths and working with What Is Resisting Change

I have lately become more directly aware of the complex number of things that make up resistance to change. This is made up not only of habit (e.g. addiction to mind-numbing activities such as browsing the internet), but also of active opposition such as a physical and cognitive rejection lingering on even during otherwise wonderful moments of clarity and luminosity. Kind of like the body or some subconscious process murmuring, reiterating "me! me!"

One approach is of course to take this stuff on and attack it with e.g. hardcore Mahasi noting with lasers.

Another is to just sit back and gently, free-form watch the resistance happen and investigate it in a loving, self-reassuring and self-encouraging manner.

What else is there to work with its physical manifestations and smooth the resistance out, so to speak? Any specific tips from e.g. pranayama, reichian therapy, magick, ...?

Any thoughts or advice appreciated emoticon

RE: Higher paths and working with What Is Resisting Change
2/8/16 1:00 PM as a reply to neko.
"As I inhale, I breathe in the energy of joy"... "As I exhale, I breathe out with complete relaxation"... High volume/repetition, all day long, whenever any 'blockages' arise.