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Tibetan Heart Yoga Skype-session on 12th February

Hello all.

I am not sure if this is allowed here at DhO but if it is not, the moderator may remove it.

This Friday, on 12th of February, we will be having a Skype-session with few foreign
students and go through basic teachings of Tibetan Heart Yoga, including
Machig Labdron guru yoga and Ati-meditation (which has been widely covered in my posts).

In case you are interested in joining in, you are warmly welcome. Find info about Tibetan Heart Yoga here: We begin at 5 pm Finland time/3 pm GMT. There is no set fee but donations are accepted. Email me to confirm your seat which are limited in number: Then find me in Skype with "Baba Kim Katami".

Welcome to join us!


RE: Tibetan Heart Yoga Skype-session on 12th February
2/10/16 7:19 AM as a reply to Kim Katami.
JMHO, but this is just advertising. It's not up to me but I would prefer that there be a separate place for you and others to do this kind of thing as opposed to doing it on the message boards devoted to meaningful interaction about our practice.

RE: Tibetan Heart Yoga Skype-session on 12th February
2/10/16 12:03 PM as a reply to Chris Marti.
I'd also prefer to have a different area for advertising. Or is advertising not allowed here? I'm usually signing my posts with web adress and there are price tags found there at the site. As are in many other links posted by other people. In case there are clear outlines concerning this, let me know. In case there aren't, there should be.