Interesting bits from Systema

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Interesting bits from Systema

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There's a part of the history of Systema (a Russian martial art, for lack of a better word) that ties to the Eastern Orthodox Church and some of the breathing exercises of certain monks. Certainly traditional Systema teachers have little time for other traditions. 

I find a substantial amount of common ground with a number of Buddhist practices or approaches. (and I keep it to myself with other Systema people).

Here are some notes from a practice manual, talking about the psychological practices...

"You can't hide from fear or defend against it. You can only accept it, deal with it and release it. The best way to work with fear is through breathing"

"To prevent fear from taking over, use the continuity of breathing and movement."

" Periodically through the day, scan your body for pockets of tension or imbalance and release them through breathing and movement"
Anyway, it's kind of interesting to see the parallels.