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4/16/16 1:55 PM
Theanine is the active component in green tea. I'm really liking it (at dose of 200mg), although the effect is mild.

"The properties of L-theanine can be summed up as being a relaxing agent without sedation, and is also implicated in reducing the perception of stress and slightly improving attention. While L-theanine does not appear to induce sleep, it may (quite weakly) help with sleep although its potency suggests it may not be a good first line treatment for this.

Interestingly, the relaxing and attention promoting properties of L-theanine coupled with the lack of sedation may L-Theanine have its most significant supplemental role in attenuating the 'edge' of many stimulants. A combination of L-Theanine with Caffeine (200mg each) is noted to be synergistic in promoting cognition and attention."