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Meditation recipe

Meditation recipe
5/12/16 1:25 AM

I wonder if you guys could help me with my meditation recipe. I got it from a meditation teacher some time back and i need some modifications on it because my intentions has changed a bit since i started meditating. I want to master all the different Jhanas. I think I need more spesifics on the different steps when doing concentration practice. Like, how to I get from the 2nd to the 3rd Jhana and so on.

Here is my recipe:

Loving-kindness (Metta/Karuna) Compassion, equanimity
Fold hands to heart, breath into the heart, generate a sense of softness, warmth, gentleness, and goodwill. Repeat these affirmations to yourself;
(Make up your own, if you wish. The important point is to feel sincere about the goodwill you intend.)
“May I be Happy.
May I be Healed.
May I be Peaceful.
May I be Free.”
Rest for a moment with the feelings around the heart.
Next, visualize and repeat to each in turn: “May you be….”
  1. A good friend or supportive, loving person
  2. A “neutral” person — someone we don’t have any strong feelings for
  3. A “difficult” person — someone we have conflict with or feelings of ill will
Then imagine all the above, equally: “May we be…”
Last, image your intention radiating out from you in all directions, as far as you can imagine: “ May all beings everywhere…”
Feel the warmth in your heart, and then bow.
Concentration (Shamatha/ Samadhi) tranquility, calm abiding.
  1. Place the attention on the breath (sensation at tip of nostrils).
  2. Keep the mind directed on the breath.
  3. Recognize distraction/wandering mind as soon as it occurs.
  4. Gently bring the attention back to the breath.
Supports to concentration:
·                    Count the breath to aid in keeping the focus (1-10)
·                    Focus the gaze on an external object or point (candle flame)
Mindfulness (Sati/Vipassana) Present-moment, non-judgmental awareness
  1. Move the attention from the breath to the sensations in your body. Start with your feet and legs and work your way up the body, scanning the different areas or parts, simply observing the sensations as you go, in a non-judgmental way.
  2. Feel the body as a whole, mindful of whatever sensations arise in the body.
  3. Open the perspective to sounds around you in the environment, mindful of vibrations.
  4. Next, become mindful of emotions or moods, return to the breath after noticing.
  5. Then bring your attention to mindfulness of thoughts, observing the arising and content of thought. Label the thought if you will. Then, return to the breath.
  1. Last, rest in open perspective, choiceless awareness. Without any focus, just be mindful and observe whatever arises in the body-mind. Do not stay with anything, return to just being, open awareness.
Finish with a bow.
Practice at least 15-20 min, once a day, 5 days a week.
If you can, up to 45 min, twice a day (morning and night, for example) every day. If you extend the practice, just extend the concentration part.
Try to stick to a routine for at least 3 weeks to a month, preferably 8 weeks, before making any assessment of how it may or may not benefit you.

RE: Meditation recipe
5/12/16 1:54 AM as a reply to ingvar andersen.
Do you do all of this (metta, samatha and vipassana) in one sit of 20 minutes? If yes, it looks more like a ritual than meditation frankly. I would simplify, extend the duration of the sits, focus on one technique at a time.

Jhanas: Can you already reach 2nd jhana? If yes, follow the instructions on MCTB.

RE: Meditation recipe
5/12/16 2:11 AM as a reply to neko.
I use to sit for 30-45 minutes and sometimes i skip metta meditation. I can enter 4th Jhana.

RE: Meditation recipe
5/12/16 9:20 AM as a reply to ingvar andersen.
Howdy I-A
for my money an essential missing ingredient is to tweak the part where you notice the 'warm' sensations around the heart.

really trying to burrow into the 'happy' (warm?) sensations (in my case wherever they arise) is important.  engaging with the happiness sensations starts a self reinforcing loop of interest|pleasantness|interest...

in my case this is not done with metta although all concentration practices can at least get you started down the jhana road.

if that is working for you then stick with it.  indulge in it.  follow it to subtlety. notice its limitations and fall deeper automatically.

RE: Meditation recipe
5/12/16 10:29 AM as a reply to ingvar andersen.
ingvar andersen:
I use to sit for 30-45 minutes and sometimes i skip metta meditation. I can enter 4th Jhana.

Ok. While in 4th jhana, are you still focusing on the breath or on a visual image? Have you tried the MCTB instructions?,+The+Fifth+Jhana/pop_up

RE: Meditation recipe
5/13/16 1:33 AM as a reply to neko.
Thank you for the MTCB link. I have never heard about it.  When I enter the 4th jhana (which I presume it is.. ) then I am resting in a big space and the body is in front. It feels like i am being "touched" på beingness from back, front, and both sides. And I am very relaxed. My attention is fixed on this vividness on being. Its is beetween a mental image and "being image". Does it make any sense?

RE: Meditation recipe
5/13/16 1:37 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Hi emoticon

I will try it out right now. Do you think this path can help to open up deep rooted conditioning? 

RE: Meditation recipe
5/13/16 2:54 AM as a reply to ingvar andersen.
Why do you assume it is fourth jhana? Sorry to answer questions with questions, but in these cases it is a good idea to clarify what we are talking about emoticon

You can download MCTB for free in pdf form here.

I recommend it, because the definitions we use on this forum are often based on that book. Oh and also because it is the best book on meditation emoticon 

RE: Meditation recipe
5/13/16 3:08 PM as a reply to neko.
I gave that book away some years ago :-) I will read through it again, in depth, and check if I can confirm it for my self.

I assume it is the forth state because once I could enter into the astral from this place. Do you think it is a Jhani taking my description into consideration?