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Claims to Attainments

attainments without attainers ?

attainments without attainers ?
5/17/16 6:32 PM
Luckily I stumbled into DhO a few days ago just in time to have "my" awakening kindly confirmed by Baba Kim Katami.  So if the awakening turns out to be bogus it's his fault not mine.  emoticon

Reading more of the back story here about attainments I'm struck with just how juicy the paradox is:  "there are attainments but no attainers"  That could make you laugh or scream depending on whether there are the slightest lingering doubts around who or what or if this slippery "seeker/attainer" really is. 

I think Baba Kim hits the nail on the head with his 2-prong approach , (or whatever he calls it and only in so far as I understand him).  There is no real attainment without completely settling this issue of whether and/or what this slippery little self really is - everything else is just dancing around the point (in my opinion).

If you get this one point you are good to golden, but if you get it wrong I don't care how many kalapas you can note per second - you are just a wordling with a very fast mind (as far as I'm concerned).