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the only way to post?

the only way to post?
9/12/16 3:25 AM

RE: Falling back to Liferay 6 shortly, expect instability and downtime

No "reply" buttons there -- per post or at the bottom?  so try post new thread...

What a delight -- this old GUI.

In fact, better than before -- the sign-in dialog now primes with my user-name/email-address (from cookie?), where earlier there was a dummy address, which one had to totally select before overwritting.

AND there's the old "Preview" button!

(Edit Mon 12 Sep 12:40 AM PDT)
There they are! (the "reply" buttons, at least per post -- no "Reply to thread" as yet). Thank you.
And again, welcome back "Preview"!

Actually, it seems it's only that thread (...Liferay 6...) that lacks "reply" buttons -- somehow locked except to administrators?

RE: the only way to post?
9/15/16 8:15 AM as a reply to CJMacie.
How i can edit my posts, now?i edit a lot, i need edit.
OK, here i can edit my post but not in some threads.