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10/21/16 9:07 AM
I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but anyway: The Path to Enlightenment

RE: interview with Daniel
10/21/16 3:42 PM as a reply to Andreas Thef.
Thanks, really enjoyed it! emoticon

RE: interview with Daniel
10/21/16 6:43 PM as a reply to Andreas Thef.
Thanks for posting, always enjoy these two together, hopefully they will do more in the future.

RE: interview with Daniel
10/22/16 5:58 PM as a reply to Andreas Thef.
Nice discussion on an important insight starting at this point...

Not sure if the interviewer really gets it, then things sort of goes out of topic at the end.

The point daniel is making is basically that the 'head and brain'  is are also perception / construct just as much as the sound of rain. 

So there is no real reason for the sensation of preceiving the sound of 'rain', thoughs, or anything else to be correlated with the preception of where our 'head' or 'brain' is.

RE: interview with Daniel
10/23/16 3:31 AM as a reply to (D Z) Dhru Val.
That part strongly reminded me of:

But where does our head exist?
Well, our head obviously exists "inside" the "external universe" and "outside" our brain which contains the model of the "external universe".
But since we never see or experience the "external universe" directly, and only see our model of it, we only perceive our head as part of the model, which exists inside us. Certainly, our perceived head cannot exist apart from our perceived body as long as we remain alive, and our perceived body (including head) exists inside our universe. Right?
Thus, the head we perceive exists inside some other head we do not, and cannot, perceive. The second head contains our model of the universe, our model of this galaxy, our model of this solar system, our model of Earth, our model of this continent, our model of this city, our model of our home, our model of ourselves and atop our model of ourselves a model of our head. The model of our head thus occupies much less space than our "real" head.
Think about it. Retire to your study, unplug the phone, lock the door and carefully examine each step of this argument in succession, noting what absurdities appear if you question any individual step and try an alternative.
Let us, for all our sakes, at least attempt to clarify how we can have two heads. Our perceived head exists as part (a very small part) of our model of the universe, which exist inside our brain. We have already proven that, have we not? Our brain, however, exists inside our second head - our "real" head, which contains our whole model of the universe, including our perceived head. In short, our perceived head exists inside our second head exists inside our perceived universe which exists inside our real head which exists inside the real universe.
Thus we can name our two heads - we have a "real" head outside the perceived universe and a "perceived head" inside the perceived universe, and our real head now appears, not only much bigger than our perceived head, but bigger than our perceived universe.
From Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson.

On the topic of Hume and Buddhism this is an amazing article:

I was wondering if the topic of "powers" was gonna come up. I'd guess the disagreement there might be stronger.

Great conversation though. Why do these have to be an hour? I'm sure the conversation could go on for several. I think it'd do everyone justice.