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Giving preference for the Sangha?

Giving preference for the Sangha?
10/27/16 9:59 AM
Hey, all.

Sitting here with some friends who are not taking kindly to my inability to elevate every Buddhist monk or nun that we encounter. Not to say that I am rude to them in any way but there's a sense amongst them that I treat them with an elevated their status and give them preference over other meditators.

I have always had this idea of "horizontal heirarchy" (that is ... I see all as equals instead of being above or below this current self). Monks and nuns, given that some have all sorts of different practices and levels of dedication, seem no different than "just a householder" who is also on the Path.

To me, someone who practices sila, samadhi, and panna is the important factor not so much someone who is wearing a robe and carries a begging bowl and practicing who knows what.