Musings OnThe Long Range View

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Musings OnThe Long Range View

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If we can take our stand at the highest point, before we were born and after the death of the present body mind we are presently fully transfixed and identified with, then we stand in a positon that is high enough to gain perspective on all matters.

{ before this and the next paragraph you could place a whole host of problems and doubts- such as : this does not accord with Buddhism-sounds too Advaita for me, etc. But instead just go to the next paragraph }

Someone reading this may see this as an impossible ask: to abide in a position before birth and after death, but to a degree it is metaphorical, like asking someone to imagine they were on the highest mountain peak possible and to then describe the view from there.

The long range view is the philosophical one, as when someone says another person is being philosophical. It has the length of time and space to span lifetimes, and this present form we attach so much to (by tendency) is a tiny event in infinity.

This high platform allows us the necessary expanse of time and space to gain perspective, our current situation is then only a moment in a timeless event, and since birth and death are our constant experience they no longer hold the great import they do to otherwise form our conventional position. Personally I love moving to this asana; absolutely everything makes sense from the edge of the universe (you might say).

As a practical influence, it may allow a certain quiet distance between a present difficult situation, where we would react impatiently and instead taking into account the big picture ( at least in feeling) the seeming importance and urgency may be diffused without effort.

Now if you happen to be sympathetic with this view, you may feel how close it is "no-self" or "selflessness" because it pushes the boundary of what is felt to be contained (self) to an infinite position. You can't look down from infinity to here and just remain 'fixed'.

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RE: Musings OnThe Long Range View

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Thanks for the post. This was helpful for me.