Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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I want to learn to care. I have plenty of room available to care for people. Caring for things is something God will do for and through me. When I have a genuine desire to care for someone, an opportunity will manifest.

Recently, a lot has been said of compassion. I think that if we focus all our energies on love, it doesn't matter if we feel compassion or not. It's the loving that counts.

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RE: Thoughts on Thanksgiving

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Good thread.  Here's a practical resource on thanks-giving: --- The rampage of appreciation is always useful.

And as Daniel says "gratitude is one of the best emotions" - --- I actually think gratitude is more useful than love, but who's counting?  

I find that caring for others can be entrained like any other habit that feels unnatural at first and later becomes organically ingrown.  Uncle Sid advised this too :-). May we all consciously train the love habit to arise.