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Arhat Experiment Online
8/13/16 3:20 PM
[font=georgia,serif][size=6][/size][b][size=6]Arhat Experiment[/size] [/b]Dear friends, I'd like to offer a specific training opportunity to people who have attained arhathood, or 4th path of the theravada-style pragmatic dharma system. This is an experiment that will be conducted via Skype and email, and is available only to people who have received their teacher's verification about this specific attainment. Bhumis According to my observations of many noted theravada-style yogis, both Eastern and Western, monks or laymen, their attainment of the 4th path, is directly equal with the 6th bhumi of the [url=][u]Open Heart Bhumi Model[/u][/url]. This is a fine attainment but seen in a larger context, this is still only about half-way to buddhahood (13 bhumis in total) using this model. There is still a long way from here to reach the so called mahasiddha bhumis, stages of perfection or full enlightenment, as one's natural awareness is subtly hindered. The task from the 6th bhumi onwards concerns the so called substrate consciousness. It is known by the names of alaya vijnana or kun gzhi. Jigme Lingpa, great Tibetan dzogchen-master, warned that in our era, this would be the greatest obstacle any yogi would face. Here one is stuck between samsara and nirvana. Actually this still is a state of samsaric mind, not true effortless freedom, though it may appear so. This experiment is to investigate the potential for further awakening beyond 4th path. Tantric practice It is interesting to note that until a couple of hundred years ago, Theravada Buddhism had a Tantric teaching component to it and this is still practiced in Cambodia. Open Heart is a nonsectarian method of mind training. This method is not traditional or orthodox because our lineage does not trace through a line of physical masters. We look at mind training from a practice-centered place, free of taboos, secrets or mysticality. Our teachings are based on the dzogchen-view and apply both tantric deity yoga and ati yoga (dzogchen). Our practices originate mainly from a well known Tibetan mahasiddha called Machig Labdron, who was the founder of chod mahamudra, and from other masters of the same level. According to Machig Labdron's teachings there are specific deities that one can and should meditate in order to clarify substrate consciousness. The Arhat Experiment particularly deals with a deity that covers the range from 6th to 9th bhumis.The actual practice of this deity is mantra repetition. This practice is assisted by Machig Labdron's tantric guru yoga and dzogchen ati yoga. Direct benefit Several Open Heart-practitioners have reached the following bhumis after the 6th by applying the mentioned practice. Within a time period of 2 months from their initiation all who have practiced this, with a daily commitment of 1-2 hours, have reached 7th or 8th bhumis, thus greatly neutralising the effect of subtrate consciousness, making their natural state (rigpa) much more evident and clear. One of these Open Heart-practitioners has a foundation of pragmatic theravada-style dharma. ‘R’ received 4th path confirmation from a teacher in Kenneth Folk's lineage and just like Daniel Ingram and Kenneth Folk, was verified by me as 6th bhumi when he began OH-practice. In 2 months he advanced to 8th bhumi. He is still practicing to reach further bhumis. Read ‘R’'s testimony [url=][u]here[/u][/url]. Preparation for the experiment Before the participants of this experiment can receive an initiation to the mentioned deity practice, they should prepare for it by doing Machig Labdron's guru yoga (mantra-based) and ati yoga daily for a minimum of 2 weeks and ideally a month. The deity practice comes from Machig so it is recommended that the practitioners first make contact with the master (Machig) directly. Instructions for the preparation can be found [url=][u]here[/u][/url]. Initiation After preparation the participants will receive a tantric empowerment given by the teacher. This initiation will be given thorough Skype-group video call so it doesn’t matter where you are located physically. See the date below. The initiation sessions will take about one hour. The initiation is available only to people who have received their teacher's verification about their 4th path attainment. How to apply Send your half page long application to yours truly, the teacher, by email to [][u][/u][/email] In your application tell about your training history in some detail. Also include the name of your teacher and attach new profile photo where your face and eyes are clearly seen. You will receive an answer to you application in a day or two. Initiation Initiation to the mentioned deity practice will take place on Saturday 15th of October at 10-12 am Finland time. Convert this time to your own time zone. Donation There are no set fees for these teachings but donations are warmly accepted as a compensation for the teacher's time. You can deliver your donation through PayPal or directly to bank account. Paypal: [][u][/u][/email] Name: Kim Katami, IBAN: FI48 5722 9040 1280 81, SWIFT: OKOYFIHH, Message: Arhat Join in Everyone who meets the requirement and is willing to try this practice with an open mind is warmly welcome. Please deliver the information presented here to other practitioners who might wish to join. All this info may be freely shared on the internet. Thank you for your time, Kim Katami, Open Heart-teacher Helsinki, Finland. 13.8.2016 Links to sources mentioned[/font][list type="disc"] [*][font=georgia,serif]Open Heart Bhumi Model: [url=][u][/u][/url][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif]‘R’ testimony: [url=][/url][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif]Tibetan Heart Yoga Introduction practice: [url=][/url][/font] [/list]

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