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The Seth Material

The Seth Material
12/8/16 5:34 AM
howdy friends,
i have always been a fan of radio and other audio formats.  from DXing AM radio under the covers of my childhood bedroom  to audio etc.

As a young guy I got my voratious hands on a copy of "Seth Speaks", a book from around 1971 channeled by a woman named Jane Roberts from Elvira New York.  I remember being stunned at the concept of channeling and the contents were remarkable.

I recently looked for an audio book of that material and immediately found some youtube content which I converted to mp3 files to listen to while underway while driving.  I have to say that I imagined it would be a little sophomoric given the intervening years between when I first read the Seth material and now.  I have spent years reading and studying many ancient and modern philosophies and have built up a gestalt of how I imagine "Life, The Universe, and Everything"  is "stitched together":

Listening to this material again is fascinating.  I find incredibly deep insights contained in it and an internal coherence that points to an very rational intelligence behind it.

I reccommend listening to this for an incredibly rich listening experience which challenges a standard materialistic world view (which is no great feat) while attempting to describe a conciousness based model of being.

Here is one link but your own light research into this may bring you to other sources.

happy listening

RE: The Seth Material
12/8/16 11:46 PM as a reply to tom moylan.
Hi Tom, I read all the Seth books in my 20's and 30's and enjoyed them. Main thing they did for me was to deepen and reinforce my feeling that there's a lot more to this universe than meets the eye. Now when I read or listen to most people talk about anything spiritual I always think in the back of my mind that they really don't have direct experience of what they're talking about. I think there are a very small number of people who have people who have genuine and clear contact with the larger spiritual dimensions. And, from my experience, what they report is mostly consistent. In general, the Seth books are also consistent in this regard.

Reading the Seth books and similar books also helped to pretty much eliminate any fear of death I may have had.

Tom: what are the "deep insights" you got from the Seth books?


RE: The Seth Material
12/9/16 2:15 AM as a reply to Advait Childers.
Howdy AC,
Its interesting stuff and difficult for me to tell which is the cart and which is the horse.  I read this stuff initially in my teens.  Needless to say, the concepts were 180 degrees from the catholic and scientific models I had been indoctrinated with in my youth.  So, that was intellectual insight not "direct contemplative experience" but nevertheless it had the ring of truth.

Its also difficult to parse out how that realization colored my view on the universe and its workings but to this day I am certain that consiousness is the source of matter and not the other way around.  Its subtlety is the key to its indestructibility and is also the gateway to a far more comprehensive and inclusive model of 'life the universe and everything". 

So the "Seth Material" definitely laid some of the groundwork for my future study and contemplative interest.

Reading it again, and listening to it, after years of strong dedicated practice only strengthens those preliminary feelings.  Listening to it again after so long a hiatus also brings a certin objectivity through my forgetfulness :-)

Listening now I can compare it to the Buddhas' teaching and other concepts and compare their cohesiveness in a way that was impossible then.  It is a kind of homecoming after years away and seeing things freshly yet through a wiser lens.  Beauty and reminiscence and truth.



RE: The Seth Material
12/13/16 12:27 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Thank you Tom for the link! I've enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to listening the entire thing.

PS. At the end of episode 4 Seth mentioned two times that Rupert should try the experiment with the bed. I listened to the whole episode again to catch what this reference to the bed experiment was. If anyone listens and finds it, please let me know emoticon It might be in the earlier episodes but I'm too busy moving forward to go back at this point...

RE: The Seth Material
12/19/16 1:35 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
Interesting reading, the Seth books are often credited with the 'you make your own reality' concept.  But at the base of that concept is the idea of understanding your own inner drives, thoughts and emotions as best as possible to understand exactly HOW you are making that reality.  ;-P

RE: The Seth Material
12/19/16 6:08 AM as a reply to tom moylan.
After reading some quotes, i like it a lot so far. Very good!

RE: The Seth Material
12/19/16 10:04 AM as a reply to Eva Nie.
i'm still listening to it as i drive through life and find myself replaying (very often) very dense material.  the particular pleasure of it for me is to appreciate this complete and utter reframing of the concepts that make up our experience and to try to find rational flaws and or discrepancies between that perspective and others.

once the core assumption of material being grosser, more destructible and less essential than conciousness is accepted, much of the material falls neatly into almost any framing of reality.  without that presumption though, it is mostly incomprehensible.

the next level is trying to see the internal consistancy, or lack thereof, in the wide array of topics and concepts.

i'm fascinated and titillated and its a great pasttime when putting around the corners of my world.

RE: The Seth Material
12/19/16 12:41 PM as a reply to Jehanne S Peacock.
I don't know for sure but Seth sometimes told Rupert it would be good to have the bed such that one's  head pointed North.  But to my knowledge, Rupert did not comply.  I don't remember hearing why but some bedroom layouts are not conducive to it so it could be that simple.  That kind of thing sound quite airy fairy but with current knowledge that humans are effected by electromagnetic fields and with evidence that herd animals prefer pointing North this is not so far fetched after all. I have also read that dogs prefer to poop when facing North, of all things!  It's interesting to note this research is recent and the Seth stuff was written over 40 years ago. I can't say for sure but likely there was no scientific evidence to support such a claim that there might be a benefit to facing North back then. 

Seth material also describes a lot of weird reality time lines type stuff that actually predicts a lot of the current hubbub with the popularity of the Mandela Effect.  I used to be very skeptical about a lot of the Seth book ideas but over time, the evidence seems to be backing up a lot of those theories and for the most part they are compatible with much of the Buddhist theory as well (as much as can be expected considering Buddhist theory often conflicts with itself depending on which expert you are looking at)

RE: The Seth Material
12/29/16 4:38 PM as a reply to Eva Nie.
Eva Nie:
I don't know for sure but Seth sometimes told Rupert it would be good to have the bed such that one's  head pointed North.  But to my knowledge, Rupert did not comply. 

Thanks Eva! I'm moving and in the new place the bed is actually postioned this way emoticon

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