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What feels like a second set of eyelids

Hey all!

This is becoming a recurring feature of my "experience", both while doing formal meditation, and not: e.g. during lucid dreaming, hypnagogia, and hypnopomp. When my eyes are closed, I have a very definite sensation of having a second set of eyelids. Depending on whether these are closed, half-open, or fully open, I experience distinct types of sensations, ranging from dullness to phosphenes to illumination to full visualisations.

I was wondering if anybody else has this same thing, whether it has a name, and if there are useful ways of working with it.

RE: What feels like a second set of eyelids
2/9/17 5:12 AM as a reply to neko.
Paweł K:

Like it is possible to change how you feel body, make yourself feel like in lucid dreams with this virtual body image being stronger than normal body perception.

You mean while awake?

Paweł K:
As for eyes themeselves I got synesthesia from dwelling too deep. So beware... or not =)

I am working on something similar while doing samatha taking music as a focus, then switching attention from music itself to the synaesthetic effects of music on illumination and piti/sukha. Quite nice but no off-cushion effects so far.