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Cooling sensation in the head
2/19/17 6:24 PM
I noticed that whenever my mind is calm and tranquil I feel cooling sensation in the head. In my case, it is on the right temple.

Anyone else experienced cooling sensation with tranquility?

RE: Cooling sensation in the head
2/19/17 7:21 PM as a reply to Simon Liu.
This Review I started to notice a cool breeze-like sensation sweep over the surface of my bald head or my limbs (if they're uncovered), like there's a loose door or cracked window letting in a slight draft. It's usually as flickering A&P illumination starts to dim and some dukkha sets in. Tends to bleed into the dukkha side more than the A&P side. It's usually very short lived--ten or twenty seconds, but up to maybe five minutes, on and off, at the very most.