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Insight and Wisdom

"Meditations on the Tarot" by Valentin Tomberg

Currently reading this interesting book. Has anyone else here read it?
If you have, do you think the process of "unification of intellegence and spontaneous wisdom"="attaining intuition" that he describes is identical to or related to the progress of insight? 

Quote from the book:
At the beginning of this process intelligence and unconscious wisdom have so little in common that communica- ton between them is reduced almost entirely to dreams, i.e. to the state of consciousness where intelligence, although present, is most passive. Then this com- munication is extended to the waking state also. The language of communica- tion then becomes that of symbols, including those of the Tarot. Lastly, intelligence 
and wisdom —no longer unconscious —arrive at such a degree of mutual com- prehension that they understand directly without the intermediary of dreams and symbols. It is only then that their union is achieved, i.e. that the state of con- sciousness that Bergson calls "intuition", and that Cabbalists identify with DAATH, is attained.