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Second Hokai podcast is up: it's on practice

Hi folks,
The second half of our discussion is up over at Soundcloud. It focusses right in on practice and the whole idea of mysticism, which I found probleamtic initially, but Hokai does a good job of unpacking it.
I'd be curious to see what the last bunch of commentators think, especially those who posed questions for Hokai. I've compiled a number of Qs including those but do feel free to add more if this half of our discussion gets you thinking...or complaing...or whatever.

Enjoy: Imperfect Buddha meets Hokai Sobol Part 2


RE: Second Hokai podcast is up: it's on practice
6/6/17 11:02 PM as a reply to Matthew O'Connell.
Well... it ain't my dharma, but I do enjoy listening to the way he explains things. 

Thanks for facilitating. 

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