A Map of Taoist Cultivation Progress

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A Map of Taoist Cultivation Progress

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This is a fascinating essay outling all the steps of Daoist Cultivation. In my view they seem to align with the Progress of Insight map. Those who are familiar with Advanced Yoga Practices will see the clear parallels between this map & the uniting of Shiva & Shakti that Yogani talks about in his approach to Yogic cultivation too,

I've been doing a spontaneous qigong practice since about July 2016, & in Auguust-September 2016 reached a stage which I interpreted then as my Macrocosmic Orbit opening. Rereading MCTB & the forums here recently, I believe that the opening of the Macrocosmic Orbit corresponds to the A&P.  Of course, as a result of slacking off or possibly wrong practice, I lost the attainment & slid back down to stage 1.

Now, after a recent 3 day Goenka retreat, I've been making my way up again, & recently crossed/am hanging around The 3 Characteristics stage, occasionally hovering into the low cycles leading up to A&P.

My primary practice is the spontaneous movement qigong, with now added in awareness of body sensations, which I understand I was missing. Last year, after opening the Macrocosmic Orbit, I found myself spending more time in my thoughts rather than staying with body awareness, & that may be why I slid back down.

I've recently also been integrating the Bruce Frantzis water dissolving methods into my spontaneous practice, which I find to be very similar, albeit designed with a different purpose, to the Goenka body scanning.

I'll post updates as my practice progresses & try to track my progress up the Insight Map.