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I RESIGNED without a backup plan

I RESIGNED without a backup plan
8/17/17 4:47 PM
I have been documenting my journey on Youtube (vlogs) after quitting my job. It has been two weeks so far. Please see the links to the videos below.

Episode 1:  

I apologize for my stupidity in driving and vlogging. I know it is very dangerous.

Episode 2:

Sorry, I was breaking out like crazy in these videos as I was super stressed.

A little background about myself, which I have not put in my videos yet. I have a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Organic Chemistry and a Master in Business Administration (MBA).  I had a comfortable job in the public sector doing budgets (Finance) in a hospital, and I was not happy as I was overworked. I did overtime without additional pay and went into work on the weekends to meet deadlines, which destroyed my personal relationships (family, broke up with my girlfriend, friends, etc.) and health (physical, psychological, etc.). I was also paid an unfair wage, and thought that I was meant for something else, possibly greater. Am I in fantasy world?

The job that I had did not motivate me anymore to wake up and I dreaded it. Did anyone of you ever had this feeling before? Did you stay in your job even though you hated it due to your obligations? Am I crazy? Should I be worried about money? I have some money saved up as I always heard that you should have some funds for emergency.

Two months back, 2 books really helped me emotionally in making the decision to resign. The books that I read were the Power of Now and New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. In the books, he states the following:

  1. Once you have made a decision, you need to accept it for what it is. Even though you know it is a mistake, you have to look past it.
  2. We compare ourselves to others too much. When you are comparing yourself to others who have a job, which makes you stressed because you don't want to be left behind. However, in reality there is always going to be someone who is better and worst than you. The fact that you care so much of how someone perceives you creates that internal stress. He explains that people's thought process should focus on the now. If you want something, what are you going to do NOW to achieve it, instead of thinking about the past or future as that will just create fearful thoughts and stop you from taking action.
  3. We care too much about our materialistic wants that we are not conscious of what we are doing to ourselves to achieve those things, as we just want to show-off our materialistic possessions.
Eckhart Tolle books are very spiritual, and I believe it is not for everyone. However, it has made me become aware of so many things in my life.

RE: I RESIGNED without a backup plan
8/19/17 12:07 AM as a reply to Terrence Li.
Terrence Li:

Eckhart Tolle books are very spiritual, and I believe it is not for everyone. However, it has made me become aware of so many things in my life.

Brave of you! Well it depends on what have you planned on doing before biting the bullet of quitting? Out of frustrationaversion or do you have a plan carved out that you wish greatly to walk on?

No offense- I read 40 pages of Power of Now and it seemed like he is trying to please as many people as possible, but I think the messages are good and important for many people!